About Us


Leaders and Legends Performing Arts Academy was created in 2014 by Tiffany Ford, a native Philadelphian. 


Our Mission
We believe that young people learn best when they are in environments that are emotionally and physically safe, environments that provide healthy opportunities for intense emotional expression, such as theatre arts and music, environments that encourage them to sharpen their intellectual skills, environments that introduce them to their rich intellectual and artistic development, and environments in which they are respected in all ways. It is the mission of Leaders and Legends to provide such environments while pursuing excellence in the performing and fine arts programs that we will offer in our preforming arts studio.
Leaders and Legends is committed to providing a thorough and comprehensive foundation of knowledge of the creative and performing arts within the context of a safe and inventive environment. We pledge to instill a commitment to and recognition of the performing arts as an integral part of a well-rounded education. We celebrate the value, beauty and necessity of the performing arts in our world while providing our students with the confidence that they will need to be successful in the creative and performing arts profession.